Waterproof Foundation

WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING’s flexible membrane provides thorough, seamless coverage for basement walls. It also seals shrinkage cracks – effectively blocking potential seepage points. This resilient membrane even blocks out water under hydrostatic pressure, which occurs naturally underground (a performance trait that mere damp-proofing can’t provide).


As a result, WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING transforms mere basement space into reliably dry, usable space, and that increases the versatility and value of your home.


Because the warranty is transferable, you add to your home’s resale value when you add WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING to your basement.


  • 8’ High and 8” thick poured concrete foundation walls with rebar
  • 3500 PSI concrete footers
  • 4” Thick concrete floors 3500 PSI
  • Form-a-Drain® or equal foundation drainage system
  • Passive Radon Ventilation System
  • Sump pit including Sump Pump
  • 10 Year Foundation WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING® Warranty
  • No Maintenance Basement fiberglass egress window system to exterior with Safety Grate
  • R-11 Foundation wall insulation

Superior Subflooring

Quiet Floors

The strength & stiffness of our subflooring combined with our superior subfloor adhesive, provides sound isolation for unwanted noises from other parts of your home. Eliminating squeaks and floor bounce, will give you an unmatched freedom of comfort for you and your family.


Unlike standard subflooring, moisture isn’t a problem for the future of your flooring of your new home. We use LP® TopNotch® 360 durable subflooring which includes a self-draining notch system that allows water to drain quickly from the surface, leaving you with confidence throughout every season of the year.


Trusted Warranty

We pride ourselves on construction made with products you can count on for years to come. Our subfloor products are so reliable that they are backed for 50-Year Transferable Limited Warranty*.


topnotch subflooring
  • Advantech™ Subfloor Adhesive
  • Pressure treated sill plates with sill sealer
  • LP® TopNotch® 350 3/4” Tongue and Groove Sub-floors (glued & screwed or nailed)
  • Structurally Engineered “I” joist floor system or equivalent with Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Wall framing – 16” on center unless specified
  • Structurally Engineered roof truss system for a 3ft snow load.
  • 2” x 6” Exterior wall construction
  • R-21 Exterior Wall Insulation
  • R-49 Blown-In Attic Insulation
  • Fire Caulk all Penetrations, Doors and Windows

*Warranty provided LP® TopNotch®. Terms and conditions apply


50+ Included Luxury Features

When it comes to including standard features, we believe that of what others may consider an upgrade is essential to your new home.


Reliable Warranties

At McNaughton homes, we assure our homebuyers with the protection they need. We only work with products that offer longevity, durability. and overall quality. Our homebuyers can be confident with their new home purchase with the substantial amount of limited warranties, reassuring comfort and peace of mind.