At McNaughton Homes, we recognize the significance of first impressions and understand that a well-kept lawn is a key factor to boost home value. That is why every McNaughton Home includes a generous landscaping allowance, empowering new homeowners to increase their property’s curb appeal with a well-maintained, lush lawn and vibrant garden from day one.

Here are the 5 reasons why a well-kept lawn will boost home value:

  1. Boost Home Value with a Stunning First Impression: A beautifully landscaped lawn sets the stage for potential buyers, projecting an image of a well-cared-for home. The aesthetic appeal of a lush, green lawn can significantly boost home value by making a strong first impression. Prospective buyers often decide their interest within the first few moments of seeing a property, and a manicured lawn is key to swaying their decision positively.
  2. Erosion Control to Boost Home Value: Lawn care is crucial not just for beauty but also for preventing erosion, which can affect the foundation of your property. A healthy, dense lawn absorbs rainfall and helps keep the soil in place, protecting your investment. By preventing erosion, you maintain the structural integrity of your home and boost its long-term value.
  3. Regular Maintenance to Boost Home Value: Ongoing lawn care, including regular mowing, weeding, and fertilization, showcases an owner’s dedication to property maintenance. A well-maintained lawn boosts home value by enhancing the property’s overall appeal and suggesting meticulous maintenance, which is highly attractive to potential buyers.
  4. Address Climate Challenges to Boost Home Value: Weather conditions can pose significant challenges to maintaining a pristine lawn. Heavy rain can wash away soil and seeds, while wind can scatter mulch, creating patchy areas. Promptly addressing these issues and implementing measures to protect against future weather impacts are critical in maintaining a lawn that boosts home value.
  5. Professional Landscaping Partnerships to Boost Home Value: Collaborating with skilled landscapers, as McNaughton Homes does, ensures that your lawn is not only initially well-planted but also continues to flourish and boost home value. The expertise provided by professional landscapers can make a significant difference in how well your outdoor areas enhance the overall value of your home.

Further Ways to Boost Home Value Through Lawn Care:

Boost Home Value with well-kept lawn care.

Seasonal Care: Engaging in seasonal lawn care activities such as spring aeration, summer watering, fall fertilization, and winter protection helps maintain lawn health throughout the year, which consistently boosts home value.

Sustainable Lawn Practices: Implementing sustainable lawn care techniques, such as using drought-resistant plants or installing efficient irrigation systems, not only saves on water bills but also boosts home value by appealing to environmentally conscious buyers.

Enhancing Outdoor Living: A great lawn boosts the usability of outdoor spaces. By creating inviting outdoor living areas, such as patios or entertainment zones that complement the lawn, you can significantly boost home value.

All-Season Curb Appeal: Maintaining curb appeal throughout different seasons can dramatically boost home value. Using perennial plants that bloom at different times, installing landscape lighting, and keeping the lawn tidy even in dormant months can make your home attractive year-round.

At McNaughton Homes, with over 38 years of experience as ‘The Community Builder,’ we are committed to enhancing both the aesthetics and the value of your home through professional and continuous lawn care. We believe that investing in your lawn is a direct investment in boosting your home value, making it not only a place of pride but also a wise financial decision.

McNaughton Homes stands out as the only builder in Central Pennsylvania to achieve the prestigious Energy Star certification. This distinction underscores their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in home construction. By adhering to stringent standards for energy performance set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, McNaughton Homes ensures that each property not only offers superior energy efficiency but also contributes to significant savings on utility bills for homeowners. Their Energy Star certified homes are designed to be at least 10% more energy efficient than homes built to standard code, providing both environmental benefits and enhanced comfort for residents.